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Lettuce that has been in contact with other hot food, resulting in an elevated temperature of the leafy green topping. Common substances responsible for heat transfer include cheese, mayonnaise, buffalo sauce, and toasted sesame seed buns. The lettuce may also be cooked by broiling, roasting, frying, steamed, or flambéd. A controversial gastronomic phenomenon, hot lettuce has been known to divide families. Proponents laud it as a delicacy while others find it unfit for consumption. Real talk: it's mainly something white people like.
"Kenzie went to Amigo's and got a #3 with extra lettuce. How can she eat all that hot lettuce without wanting to yammy?"
"Are you kidding me? Hot lettuce is bomb... faaaa shooo."
by Arcese July 20, 2009
An exquisite sex act requiring a bagged salad from a local market, a woman's accessible anal cavity, and deep, meaningful desire. First, a man (any man) closes his fist around a portion of the salad. He then lovingly inserts his fist into the woman's anus for a duration of their joint consent. When the couple is sufficiently aroused, the man releases the salad before removing his hand from the woman's anus. With the salad inside, the two enjoy a standard round of anal sex. The man must ejaculate onto the salad, as a dressing. Finally, the act is completed upon receipt of the "hot lettuce" by the man's mouth, eating the sumptuous morsel from her pooping cavity.
"No thank you, waiter. My wife and I will dessert at home with a steaming bowl of hot lettuce."
by ultramundane8 June 19, 2016
Genitals after sex. Hot, moist, sweaty, limp.
"Not now honey, I'm all hot lettuce."
by Mokedo January 04, 2014
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