a person, usually a man, who is overly promiscuous with their hands, and is usually good at using their hands in a promiscuous manner.
My date last night was getting a little frisky, so i said "back off hot hands!"
by hot hand bandits February 01, 2010
Top Definition
When one is experiencing much better than normal luck when it comes to meeting members of the opposite sex.
Jason: Did you wind up going home with that girl you met the other night?

Drew: Yep.

Jason: That's like 3 girls this week, dude, you're riding the hot hand.
by benboweasel January 31, 2011
Those disposable cup holders you get from Starbucks or 7-Eleven.
"Ow! Pass me a hot hands."
by Ben June 16, 2006
The act of giving a man a handjob while in a hot tub.
Did you hear that Mike gave CJ a Hot-Hand last night? no way what a Fag I bet he enjoyed it
by Nickymick August 20, 2010
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