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a person, usually a man, who is overly promiscuous with their hands, and is usually good at using their hands in a promiscuous manner.
My date last night was getting a little frisky, so i said "back off hot hands!"
by hot hand bandits February 01, 2010
Those disposable cup holders you get from Starbucks or 7-Eleven.
"Ow! Pass me a hot hands."
by Ben June 16, 2006
When one is experiencing much better than normal luck when it comes to meeting members of the opposite sex.
Jason: Did you wind up going home with that girl you met the other night?

Drew: Yep.

Jason: That's like 3 girls this week, dude, you're riding the hot hand.
by benboweasel January 31, 2011
The act of giving a man a handjob while in a hot tub.
Did you hear that Mike gave CJ a Hot-Hand last night? no way what a Fag I bet he enjoyed it
by Nickymick August 20, 2010