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To take precautions to ensure victory, but still end up losing and making an ass out of oneself in the process.
He hossaed by joining the champion team of last year, but this year he lost the championship to his old team.
by tsbaron June 12, 2009
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pissing out of the ass
I can't go into work today, I just hossa'd all over the place.
by crazyq44 July 14, 2008
When u plow over the player on the other team and make them your little bitch, then go in on the goalie and snip top self all while ur getting ur dick sucked.
I Hossa'd Johns pussy ass today.
by michigander9 May 26, 2009
An individual that is a off-centered. Somewhat off beat, often as a deragatory term. A person who is considerabley inappropriate.
Shayne is a hossa for hanging out of car windows and mooning the public.
by ms. nunce May 12, 2007


3)Benedict Arnold
If all I had to cheer about was Hossa and the Red Wings I would shoot myself or better yet have Hossa do it.
by ForeverTheSickestJim March 18, 2009

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