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being worse then bull shit.
Situation: Dealer pulls a 21 when you have a 20.

Response: "This is horse shit!"
by Fatboy October 30, 2003
The strongest possibile expression of disbelief, accompanied by a large serving of contempt for the horseshitter.
George: The Iraqi people deserve democracy!

Me: If democracy is so great George, how come it resulted in your election? You're full of horseshit!
by Boromir January 29, 2005
Horeshit is really the same as bullshit, but less cliched and therefore slightly more provocative.
The presidential election is a bunch of horseshit about lipstick on pigs rather debating the real issues.
by r91325 September 14, 2008
Whenever something doesn't go your way or when something is totally untrue and you feel the need to verbalize it.
" Man that teacher totally accused me of cheating on my Astronomy quiz, that's fucking horseshit."

" What do you mean you don't have the money you owe me? you know what that's horseshit, go fuck yourself"
by Tecky August 08, 2005
'hors shit'- noun (1) Horse manure. (2) Aggressive or malicious untruth or deception. origin: When substituted for cow manure as a soil additive, horse manure will prevent the growth of agricultural goods.
"You're telling that that truck is worth $10,000 - Horse Shit!
by Professor K February 13, 2004
lies; pompous natterings
Don't give me any of your horse shit about ephedra being good for you!
by cornholio October 14, 2003
It's like bullshit, but with more attitude.
Jack: I told the teacher my dog ate my homework, but he knew it was horse shit.
by RumbleRoar June 19, 2012
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