Describes humor that is both horrible (as far as the subject matter goes) and hilarious at the same time. This term is reserved for very depraved humor.
Friend 1: There are these guys drinking and the first one says he was so drunk last night that he set fire to his house. The second guy says that's nothing, that he once got so drunk he blew chunks. The first guy tells him that's not bad at all. The second guy looks at him and says "no, you don't understand, Chunks is my dog."
Friend 2: That joke is horriblarious
by Nimsim July 20, 2005
Top Definition
1. when something happens that is so awful that it makes the situation funny.

2. an extremely bad event that one cannot help but to laugh at
dead baby jokes or jokes concerning race or gender

-"The U.S. House of Representatives voted 411-1 to send our consolations to Haiti after the recent earthquake. The one person to vote against it was Ron Paul. (true story)"

-"haha that's HORRIBLE haha"

-"that's horriblarious"
by htizzy1208 February 03, 2010
Something that is so funny and yet at the same time so disturbing you cannot help but laugh.
What's the difference between a prostitute and an onion?
~I only cry when I cut up onions.
"Damn man that was Horriblarious!"

(start biting at your shoulders) What is this?
~Superman trying to put on his cape (i.e. a Christopher Reeve joke)
"That joke was so Horriblarious, you are surely going to hell!"
by Acid Fool October 24, 2005
Something that is horrible and extremely funny at the same time.
Watching someone get hurt, when someone that u don't know dies an odd death "choking on Bubblegum" and general misfortune has a comic twist. You fell, landed on your junk and choked on ur gum!! That was horriblarious!!
by Anoospecies May 04, 2011
adj. the quality of being horribly wrong to the point of being humorous
He felt guilty laughing at the comedian's horriblarious and completely politically incorrect joke, but he couldn't help it.
by Mighty Master J August 27, 2008
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