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someone whos always looking for sexual stimulation regardless of selection...
John: Hey did you see that girl damn I'd like to fuck her.
Sam: dude you don't even know her!
John: I don't care I'd still fuck!
Sam: your such a hornytoad
by Rafting August 01, 2008
3 4
1. A person who desperately wants sex, but is never gonna get any because they are ugly or have some other undesirable characteristics.
"You're a freaking horny toad! just go jerk off or something, and get over it!"
by Fobugee October 22, 2003
69 43
A male that is usually horny about 24/7 to be exact. Constantly daydreams about sexual fantasies. Usually named Alfred. Like to seduce mexican women. Once seduced he turns back into a toad
There goes that horny toad
by kjsndfsnd August 08, 2012
28 17
When two men sit down facing each other and tried to masturbate into the others mouth, by projectile ejaculation. Like frogs trying to catch flies.
Those two guys were rumored to play Horny toads last night when they got drunk!
by GS-Caddy May 05, 2010
5 2