alternative word for horny. turn on.

horni- fy, fied, fication, fying
oi your mums like hornifying as!
yeah dude we had a threesome last night and she hornified the shit out of both of us.
yeah shes such a hornification.
by the neden game May 03, 2010
Top Definition
To make someone horny.
Uh... "That fucker has been hornified"
by Linz February 22, 2004
Horny + Horrify = Hornify
A sexy woman can hornify a man simply by walking in the room.
by The_Swin December 29, 2011
something that girls are professional at doing to many males. Quite often the female kind likes to utilize this ability to manipulate the male species to do their bidding. (see whipped)
Hornify - Sara hornified her boyfriend Derek so much that he was "pointing" at her soon after.
by JEASUS69 July 31, 2008
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