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when an event was horny it was hornified
last night with that girl was hornified
by cam likes words January 09, 2008
8 0
As in Horified for the sex starved. A usual reaction to finding out that your partners new work colleges are seriously hot. On a 'Bring your partners' office party you find yourself unable to cover-up your delight at the bevy of beauties you wish to shag, on glancing over to your partners face you become Hornified as you realise it could be several more weeks before you have 'The Sex'.
God dame there was some serious skirt, I wanted to rumble all night, but I knew I shouldn't have gone as Spiderman, when I saw the misses face I was Hornified.
by Tony Law March 01, 2008
7 3
Being horrified or disgusted & turned on at the same time
Lady Gaga's outfit at the Grammy's hornified many people
by Katty1922 February 01, 2010
2 1
The Act of being horny
God damn I'm hornified.
by 13 March 26, 2003
8 8