The sensation of intercourse (or any penetration into the vaginal orifice) when a woman has a yeast infection.
"After I had sex with a yeast infection, I told my boyfriend that I would never have a hornet's nest again."
by R_M_C September 07, 2005
Top Definition
A violent and/or very argumentative/controversial situation.
1. Ever since 9/11, the US has been at war and in a political hornet's nest with terrorism worldwide.

2. Jamal and Terrell really got into some gangsta shit when they stirred up a hornet's nest with their fellow Crips, who refused to share their McDonald's chicken selects with them.
by Mark H March 17, 2005
After taking a painful and stinging dump, only to find a small amount of shit in the toilet.
Damn, that hurt like a mother fucker. I could have sworn it was bigger than that? i.e. 'Hornet's Nest'
by thatguyoverthereThemillionth August 15, 2011
A group of people or a place these people engage in a confrontation of interests, land, politics, or ideas with a larger, more powerful group.
The city was called a hornet's nest of rebellion by a general of the British empire, so he didn't come back without his troops, and still faced defeat.
by Norenorseman July 12, 2016
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