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McDonald's chicken strips that are featured in a series of new ghetto commercials in order to appeal to the "fried chicken-eating" crowd.
(typical McDonald's commercial)
Jameel: "What up nigga, you cap any dem bloods today?"
Tyrone: "Fo' shizzle, I done popped a few. What you stuffin' yo' fat black face with?"
Jameel: "Dogg I got deez BANGIN' McNuggets. They da sheeeeeeit, yaknowwhatimsayin?"
Tyrone: "Word on da street. Ayyo check out deez chicken selects...straight up gangsta."
Jameel: "Word to yo' mama. You want a McNugget?"
Tyrone: "Heeeeeellll yeah, hook a nigga up wit dat chronic!"
Jameel: "Now let me get a chicken select."
Tyrone: "Fool you trippin."
Jameel: "Maybe yo' bitch ass didn't hear me the first time. Gimme one of dem chicken selects before we get into some gangsta shit and I waste yo' punk ass with this GAT!"
Tyrone: "You know the name of the game fool...go get yo' own!"
Jameel: "Fuck you nigga!!!" *BANG BANG* "Now yo' mama gonna have to pour out a perfectly good 40 for yo' trick ass. HAHA I got dem chicken selects now BITCH!"
White Middle-Aged Announcer: "Chicken Selects, new at McDonalds. Get your own box...or just whip out yo' nine, bust a cap in some punk-ass nigga, and steal his."
by Nick D December 07, 2004
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Bent chicken mcnuggets.
I hate mcnuggets, I'm ordering chicken selects.
by TM February 15, 2005
Finger-shaped chicken nuggets, normally deep-fried
I bought some McDonald's chicken selects and they were hard.
by Saints February 27, 2005
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