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A band that used to be really good, but then decided to go the way of making radio-friendly rock/emo songs with their new cd "A Types". Before A Types was relased, it could be argued that hopesfall was invariably one of the most unique bands in hardcore. Now they've gone the way of Underoath, Hawthorne Heights, The Ataris, etc, basically any shitty band you can think of that has their shirts hanging at hot topic.
13 year old girl:Hey, have you heard hopesfall? I picked up A Types, its the best ever!
Me: No it's shitty. Listen to their CD "The Satellite Years", and "No Wings to Speak of", chump.
by Adrian Vegas September 25, 2005
a really good band, that rocks loads
rocker 1: what is your fave band
rocker 2: hopesfall, they rock
by emma101 March 29, 2005
Melodic hardcore rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. They have released 3 albums as of 2005: The Satellite Years, No Wings to Speak of, and A-Types.
I saw Hopesfall last night. They put on an awesome show.
by cloudrunner May 02, 2005
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