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a miscelaneous piece or part. similar to thing-a-ma-jiggy or something you can't recall the name of at the momment.
hey, in that tool drawer, hand me that little what's it's hootis.
by jasoniowa October 03, 2006
Generalized term for any given item or body part
Shut the hell up or I will kick you in the hootis!
by donkeypunchyou November 09, 2008
noun: A synonym for any object you forget the name of or simply prefer to call hootis.
"Have you seen the hootis we use to open jars?"
I thought I put the hootis away.
by 007Girl February 03, 2010
A hotel or motel room (usually inexpensive long-term stay motels) rented by a few people, but lived in by several. The cost is thus split among a large group of tenants, and as such can run as low as $20-$30 a week.
When the police raided our squat, we (I and my fifteen friends) scrounged up a few dollars and rented out a hooti for the month.
by C's and D's February 16, 2010
a home-made, often crude, often cheap, marijuana-smoking device which can be disposed of or hidden easily in the event of a raid
"you got your piece, bro?"
"nah, man, the fuzz took that shit. I made me a hootis."
by samzilla88 December 07, 2009
Greasy, nasty, skanky ass ho that should never be touched or spoken to.
Look at the nasty hootis chick over there, get back, don't let it touch you!
by The Gnome/Penguin December 07, 2003
Unexplainably odd, gross, sickening, freakish.
Ruff went to the Midway and the chick had a hootis mole.

We've got rats, hootis rats.
by Husker October 15, 2003
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