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1. A person, thing, or situation which possesses characteristics of utter randomness and unpredictability; something undefined.

2. Any person or object, particularly a strange one, that’s name is not known by the one referring to it; like a "whatchya-call-it" or "thing-a-ma-bob."
1. -My hoopajoo of a car is really starting to bug me.
-We've gotten our selves into a real hoopajoo here.

2. -That… hoopajoo over there; could you grab it for me?
-Who’s that hoopajoo standing over there in the frilly getup.
by Brian Hindt May 23, 2005
Anything vague and potentially uncomfortable, often inserted into an orifice.
You were abducted by aliens? Did they stick a big metal hoopajoo up your ass?
by superoog October 19, 2004

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