Contraceptive ring used by females.
Person A: I have another reason to hate the Trojans.
Person B: You should just get the hoop, seriously. This is the 2000s
by YINGISWRONG December 10, 2009
Acronym for Highly Opinionated Older Person. A HOOP needs little provocation to tell you all about their life and the things that bother them about it. No matter what it is, they have a very specific position on it and will expound on this in paragraphs. They will sometimes ask you for advice on something and then proceed to tell you why your advice is invalid. It often seems as if their existence is based on a steady flow of complaints.
That guy talked my ears off about all his family members and what was wrong with each and every one of them, down to their political positions. Total HOOP moment.
by deusdiabolus August 10, 2011
to Hoop something is to take in an excessive amount to furthur one's self being to a higher level.
"Quit Hooping the joint"
by Ambrose Hooper April 15, 2008
A jockey. (Australia)
With top Sydney hoop Corey Brown on his back, Warrior Trader showed great fighting abilities as he staved off the challenge of Michael Rodd’s mount Deuxieme, while Osca Warrior was a close up third.
by MonteZuma April 07, 2004
Another term for African Americans. Used as a friendly alternative slur
Jamal I may be white, but you know you still my nigg....I mean you my HOOP.
by mredmundson February 08, 2007
To hoola hoop.
Spinning a hoop around one's body.
There will be hooping at my house tonight.
by thehooper October 15, 2006
alternative word for vinyl records
"I'm just going to spin a few hoops and then we can go to the shops" shouted Paul the DJ to his wife Sharon who was upstairs after a bath, trying to get the new curtains up in the front room. The newlyweds had originally been going to go with a sort of lime green and mauve art and design style pettern, but in the end they opted for the simpler orange ones that they had seen earlier in the less expensive shop downstairs, where Sharon had had an episode and had started calling other customers offensive names and laughing at them, possibly because of Pauls' inadequacy.
by Jonny Tennant December 10, 2005
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