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something nameless, visceral, and able to be literally or figuratively chewed upon.
interjection: "Hooners!"
by beand May 26, 2010
noun. Little known but passionately defended term used to describe a particular model of motorcycle (and it's variants) - the Honda Hornet aka. CB 600F/CB 900F (CB 599/ CB 919 - U.S. model names). This gives rise to the verb 'to hoon'
Have you seen Chris' modded Hornet? Now that's some Hooner!

I decided that I'd go for a Hooner as my first bike and I just love it!
by mightlife October 08, 2008
One who hoons. A hooner is a person who drives an exotic sportscar as it was meant to be driven.
That Jamiroquai, he's a bit of a hooner!
by Bibs August 31, 2006
An incredibly ugly woman. Slightly more foul than a bint, but not as rancid as a minger. On a par with a munter but with saggier norks.
Susan Appleyard
by Mancunian B July 24, 2003
forcing the fumes of cannabis, through water via a disused sprite bottle with a pipe at the bottom, sucking all the air out from the top and inhaling, resulting in you getting blazed!

pass the hooner... i wna get blazed!
by evisurudeboy November 29, 2006
A whore. Also, a women who failed as a whore.
Hooner, pass the ketchup.
by Dudesir September 14, 2008