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A Southern Californian homosexual male of Iranian descent.
Run before that hooms does you in the butt!
by Kamran H October 30, 2007
Diminutive of hoomin (human), a term popularized on the Internet in LOLCATs, or cartoons that feature cats and other animals talking to their human owners in misspelt "animal language".

It is most commonly used as a term of endearment between enthusiasts of these cartoons.

Also spelled hoomz.
Hey hooms, thanks for washing the dishes today.
by Pedro's Owner July 02, 2012
A dyslexic Homo (or Homosexual).
Look at the writing in this new one man play about a homo's traverse in life. I think the writer has dyslexia...

He's a hoom then.
by Rhompy November 16, 2010
A moan, to be used when other people don't do as you ask them to or when you want to annoy them, so that they do what you ask them to
If you don't get me a drink then I'll hoom at you!
by jazza January 18, 2003
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