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A girl who has sex with different men in order to get something she wants (not sexual gratification)
Girl 1: I heard Liz slept with Josh last night for a 6 pack of blue ribbon...

Girl 2: haha blue ribbon?? Liz is such a hookerslut. she'll sleep with any guy for anything.
by alibobally March 17, 2009
someone who will sleep around for a six pack of beer, or cigs, etc.. etc..
She's such a hookerslut , she slept with him for a six pack of lonestar!
by juliairis September 02, 2005
A hooker that would sleep with a guy for FREE.
A slutty girl..

One who would easily go home with u one night and end up with your best freind the very next night.Also Very open to talking about sex and/or the fact she just did your friend the previous night.Open to talk about any sex topic.
Damn man, Liz is a damn hookerslutt! She just Fucked Alex in the bathroom an hour ago..and now shes spending the night at jakes!? We know what hes gonna do!
by SM0K3S September 25, 2011

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