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A play on words. Another way of saying "who cares"
Jim: Dude, Christie confessed to me in her drunkeness that she's been banging Todd for like 6 weeks now.

Roger: Hookers....I've been seeing this sweet ass stripper for like a month now and she's waay hotter.
by StynkStar September 02, 2006
25 57
prostitute. started in the civil war When Gen.Hooker of the Union Army (the first pimp) tried to protect his troops from VD by buying the best chicks and pimping them to his corps of 20,000 men. orginally hooker's girls.
hooker is the pimp of hookers.
by Maxzilla June 20, 2003
2084 1091
The "new" cool. Sort of like kool, kewl, wet, or badass. This word can be used to replace cool to make your sentences all the better!
Dude! You're such a hooker! I can't believe you made a full court shot!

Kasey is such a hooker. Did you here what she did to Dave?
by Sevenpanguinsaretoomany January 07, 2011
872 572
1. A source of pleasure, mainly sex, bt only if payed.
2. Target practice.
1. Check it out. A hooker. Hand me my wallet and my sex enhancing pills.
2. Check it out. A hooker. Hand me my grenades and rocket launcher.
by Doom June 30, 2003
1132 927
A not-so-rare breed of female that is overtly loose between the legs. Much like dinosaurs, these creatures cannot see anything unless it moves.

Sometimes called "street t-rex"
"Shh, Lois, don't move. She won't see you if you don't move."

"Where'd you go?"
by Twiggy May 04, 2005
280 86
Term used to describe a type of female that is:

- Easy to bang
- Takes money for sex
- Disappointed male does not get any
That fucking hooker, she gave me blue ball
by venge April 08, 2003
576 469
A woman who is wise above others in the art of sexual satisfaction and love. In ancient times, these women were considered to be priestesses and were given their own temples where they could teach their art to others for a large sum of money. These women were highly respected and cherished for their extensive knowledge of lovemaking/giving, and their spiritual understanding.

Later, the christian religion would have a great negative effect on these women's lives, mostly because the spiritual beliefs of these cunt-lovin' cultures were pagan (a big no-no to chiristianity). as christianity spread, people started to see sex as a sin, and the priestesses were slowly blacklisted. today, this christian idea of sex as a sin still stands, and hookers are now considered criminals.
that hooker is one strong, cunt-lovin' individual.
by panda!panda!panda! March 05, 2006
519 450
A prostitute. Usually, prostitutes are females, but plenty of prositutes are males.

Hookers sell their bodies to a variety of people, from unassuming men to really freaky characters. Just imagine having sex with half a dozen strange men each day for money: it's not a pleasant thought.

And prostitutes don't have sex for money because they like it; it's about the money. They might often hate their line of work, but they have no other way out.

Hookers range from the chic call girl, who is higher class and has control over the situation, to the lowly streetwalker, who is vulnerable to attack or police entrapment.

And remember: use a condom if you're with a prostitute, unless you want clamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis, or other *charming* diseases.
"Oh God, put some clothes on! ... And I don't want to see your underwear! You're not supposed to show your underwear to the world! You look like a hooker." Moi thinking about Britney Spears, a reknowned prostitute, stripper, and porn star.
by Diddims April 07, 2005
213 156