"Intentionally Ambiguous" - literally
Phrase is intentionally misused when talking about the relationship between two people.
Jack and Jan are going to hook up.
by JMCI June 25, 2005
A homeboy/homegirl that will provide something for you
Yeh, this is Mei. She's my HOOKUP.
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
To install; set up.
Go hook up the VCR, BIATCH!
by Dr. Alien July 23, 2003
v. To have relations with someone without knowing thier name, where their from, and usually age. Usually due to intense binge drinking or taking part in any sorotiy event
Yea I'm going to 'hook up' with (insert local sorority slut name) later on after she has a couple beers in her.
by Irish May 27, 2003
to hang out (with a group or individual); to have met them
Justin and his boys hooked up over at The Yard to get some sweet hunnies.
by Catherine March 03, 2005
To connect a hose line to a fire engine pump. American fire service slang.
Hookup and look up. (Connect the hose line to the engine and look up at the building to see what is going on.)
by Rick November 16, 2004
(hock-up)-to meet,place of meeting. meet again.
We will hock-up at the club, hi guy! we hook-up again,MEN!
by SIEBO April 21, 2005

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