A completly unemotional sexual act done for the sole reason that it feels good. This can range from making out to sex and everything in between. You do not call hook ups back at a a later time and ask to go on a date, and ususally they are spontaneouse, so dont call back looking for more action either.
I was hitting on this hot lifeguard and she took me into the pump room and blew me, it was a great hook up.
by am i metro? September 26, 2006
an informal agreement for people to get together at a subsequent time
Why don't we each do what we need to do now; we'll hook up later.
by s July 25, 2003
"Intentionally Ambiguous" - literally
Phrase is intentionally misused when talking about the relationship between two people.
Jack and Jan hooked up.
by JMCI June 25, 2005
Yanks use 'hook up' differently to the rest of the English-speaking world. They use it in a sexual context or providing an item for somebody that's usually dodgy. Everyone else uses it in the context of meeting someone.
Hook up:

1) I hooked up with him in New York. We made love all night!

2) Hey! Hook a brother up with some dope!

3) I hooked up with my mate in London. I hadn't seen him in years.
by Cortez The Killer November 23, 2007
1. Your drug connection.
2. To get with a honey.
1. "Yo, can I meet yo' hook-up?"
2. "Me and that fine-ass bitch gunna hook-up."
by Diego September 04, 2003
to have sexual pleasures (making out, fingering, oral, or sex) with someone your not going out with, or no strings attached. can happen mulitple times, with one girl.
"dude, you gotta hook up with Kaley tonight at the party."
by chillerxoxo July 19, 2009
When people Hook-up, it having sex. most of the time with no stings attached
Boy:wanna Hook-up?
*insert sex here*
Never talked to eachother again
by MasterOfTheWicket April 16, 2007
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