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used by bootnecks or matelots, to define various situations when one word will suffice and those around will know what context the word is used in. A typical multi-tasked word!!! Hoofing - great, brilliant, good, amazing, (sarcastic).

a: what a hoofing run ashore! = we had a very good night out!
b: "you're being charged for being adrift"(late to work, by your boss = muttered answer would be "that's bloody hoofing" - sarcasm.
by Steve Westwood April 13, 2007
78 28
The word used to describe the action of Mr Tumnus anally penetrating you.
I went to narnia and Mr Tumnus started h=Hoofing me uncontrolably.
by Lorrrun. October 13, 2011
14 10
verb: The act of sexual relations so vile is cannot be described by any specific noun, or group of nouns. It is generally used in conjunction with rape, though is not limited to recreation. Usually a horse is involved but could also refer to animals of any species or a less than desireable woman or man.
Example 1: I was in at the Police station last night, and while I was sleeping in my cell and a large burly man proceeded to hoof me.

Example 2: My child is a product of hoofing,
by Lutheran Hoofer January 20, 2012
6 4
Goat alternative to fisting.
Just saw that goat hoofing ashley in a ditch again, filthy
by RGR33 January 11, 2011
18 16
Verb: The act of masturbating to characters from the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Brony #1: Rarity is totaly the hottest My Little Pony character.

Brony #2: No way, Dude, I've been hoofing to Applejack in my cubicle for an hour.
by RainbowDashBrony October 18, 2011
21 23