phonetically, this word means "prick" (i.e., the vernacular for penis) in Russian, although it is better transliterated as "khuy" or "khui."
"A vot tebe khuy!" (Here's a prick for you!)
by samuel November 11, 2003
A hooey is an individual that is very clumsy and is a very unintelligent person to interact with, as well as someone who contains homeless-like characteristics
Drops the hookah coals on the Persian rug. "You're such a hooey"
by Thehooeymovement February 06, 2015
Another term for Bullsh*t, used when extremely flustered and nothing makes sense, when everything is complete bunk.
"Bush is a good president!! HOOEY!!!"
by Liana October 14, 2003
a street name for a crystal meth pipe
Hey man, pack the hooey with some more crystal meth so we can get high
by iameatingjam January 11, 2011
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