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anything large, excessive, or otherwise inordinately disproportionate by almost any measure. Occasionally referring to an event with onomatope. (Note: substitution with the word makka.)
He blew a honking booger out his nose.
by Lex Luther Vandross March 22, 2004
Of unusually large or otherwise disproportionate dimensions; by extention, anything out of the ordinary.
That was one honkin' Gewürztraminer, Floyd! Good call!
by Doron October 27, 2003
incessantly insisting about a task, desire, or problem at hand
Greg: "Bru Bru Bru Bru Bru... Can you hit a bulls-eye so we can go to Taco Bell already?"
Bru: "Dude stop honking at me, I'll do it when I want"
by SpiritoftheGame January 26, 2015
Enormous, over-sized. Can be used to make the adjective "big" bigger.
Then he threw that honking boulder at me.
That is one big honking truck!
I need those big honking sutures stat!
by Trunks the dog February 15, 2014
How you let everyone around you know that you are driving a motor vehicle in NYC.
Me: Yes we get it you're in car in NYC, now SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP HONKING FOR NO REASON.
by Foodinator August 17, 2013
The sudden overwhelming stench of a recently (usually warm and squeaky) dropped fart that is so potent it can peel paint off the wall and even make the receivers nose fall off. These farts have also been known to have a blast radius of twenty feet and last a good ten minutes after detonation.
Man, your arse is absolutely honking
by Cal Landor November 30, 2006
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