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A way of stating that someone has huge breasts.
Woah!! Look at Susie's honkbags!!
by Innocent Little Angel April 15, 2008
101 11
A reality show where people just whomp on trashbags full of squeaky toys.
"Honk bag is America's future national pastime."
by Blue German Rose May 01, 2007
86 33
1. Honk Bag(n) - A woman's breast(s).

2. Honk Bag(adj) - A derogatory term used to describe another person. Commonly used online.

1."I don't want to date her, I just want to shoot a hot sticky one all over those honk bags..."

2. "I pwnz u!"
"Whatever, honk bag."
by boutitboutit February 10, 2006
7 49