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A really, really, super sexy person. Super fine. An extremely hot person. A superlover!

Often used in blues tunes. Can be used to reference sex or love or a pet name for his lover.

Male or female sex organs.
Dude 1: Whoa! Did you see her? She's a real honeydripper if you know what I mean...
Dude2: Yeah I'd like to have some of that!
Dude 1: Amen!

"Well she's my honeydripper and I did her wrong. 'Cause I had no real good lovin' since my little girl's been gone."

Guy or Gal: Whoa her/ his honeydripper is so sweet.
by CheekeeMonkee February 01, 2007
A very romantic person, usually in the sense of a silver-tongued man adept at saying very sweet things
Lisa Simpson: Now we need to find a way to end it.
Homer: How about, "with a love that will echo through the ages...”
Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson: Awww...
Bart Simpson: Homer, you old honeydripper!
by Sultan Sean October 27, 2009
a frozen liquid usually beinq koolaid or some flavored drink. popular in the southeast. The ghetto version of a icee.
Damn its hot as fuck. I need a honeydripper.
by sydneymichelle February 07, 2009
A truck used to pump out septic tanks and cesspools, or the operator of said truck.
The septic tank overflowed, so I had to call the honeydripper to pump it out.
by Silent Bobbo March 30, 2010
A soldier who empties the latrines. So called because the mix of matured piss and shit turns into a liquid that looks like runny honey.
When the honeydrippers got in from work they were reeking.
by Pigspanker May 08, 2006
a tight quiver of meat just dripping with bees honey.
I'm hungry and I think what I'm craving at this moment is a Honey dripper.
by Olde greg November 06, 2007