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A good drink. They have some shitty flavors tho.
Damm lemonade icee? Wat next piss flavored?
by cartman5000 August 05, 2004
A frozen drink that comes in many great flavors and other nasty flavors. You can mix two together and make it taste even more awesome. In my opinion, Coca Cola and Cherry flavored taste the BEST alone or mixed. The worst I've had was Jolly Rancher Orange flavored. That almost made me throwup. And they usually pop up in Targets or movie theaters.
Oh, man. This kamakazi of Coke and Cherry tastes so great I could orgasm........ Oh, wait... brainfreeze!!! Icee's are mezmerizing.
by KayB July 16, 2008
One of the rappers out of the Rap group The Class Clowns. Often is the most lyrical one out of the group while Lil Stunt is the metaphorical one that loves to compare things. Icee tends to rap about how he is going to earn everything, party, and romance.
Jimmy:Do you know the rap group The Class Clowns?
Armani:Yeah they're dope
Jimmy:Did you hear the new Class Clowns song?
Armani:Yeah I heard Icee went hard on it
by DomoRecords May 09, 2011
Meaning Chill, Calm, or relaxed
"Yo I heard sharon stole ya wallet son. You pissed?"

"Im icee...there wasnt any money in it anyway"
by G-Stacks September 14, 2007
What retards drink instead of Slurpees. They aren't that bad,but they come in flavors like cherry,coke,blueberry,and...grape? Lemonade? Agh.
At Burger King they not only spit in your onion rings,but they jizz in the Icees now too.
by 0niTTRay January 17, 2004
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