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A guy who is very addicted and doesnt let go, similar to honey or a stalker
Look at that honeyballs hiding in the bushes following that woman
by Mike Griffin November 14, 2006
Honey Balls is a sexual act that can be performed with anyone that has a penis.
The act is that one someone (most likely the males lover) dips/smears the males all over with honey.
Then starts to suck the honey off the penis, whilst taking a picture and sending it to a friend.
Moths and Bees = Honey Balls
I want to suck so hard on my man with his honey balls, and i cant wait to show my friend that i accomplished my lifes goal.
by gemgemwink September 12, 2011
Testicule-like pastries
Debbie: This is the best patry I've ever eaten!
James: What is it?
Debbie: Honey Balls!
by boozeballs August 12, 2011
Honeyballing is a sexual act whereby the male ejaculates into a bowl of honey. The honey and semen is then formed into a ball, which his partner then chews.

One is also able to get Honeyballs, when they aren't able to cum while attempting to perform this act.
I'm gonna Honeyball that guy tonight

I got honeyballs and couldn't do it
by Wild Stalion May 29, 2011
a. a type of jedi that has an extensive comic book collection.

b. the origin of the impending zombie apocalypse.
person 1: DUDE! check out the honeyball!

person 2: i know! we're gonna need some molotov cocktails over here!
by TheConundrum November 09, 2009
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