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Hash oil. An extremely potent form of cannabis. Oil extract taken from the leaves of marijuana is very potent. Must ingest or "smoke" to get high. Crazy users dip cigarettes, blunts and edible items into honey to; increase potency of weed and add an additional buzz to cigarettes, or make hard candies and lollipops etc.
I smoke honey dipped cigs at work.
Son gimme some honey for my ham sammich.
by Teedot Doubleyou December 11, 2005
taste very good, made by bees who fly.
buzz, buzz, buzz, wheres my honey?
by jamy December 09, 2005
Your sweetie pie, lover boy/girl. Pet name for somebody you like.
Hey honey, how you doing??
by Mel February 25, 2003
1.Attractive girls
2.Sexy girls
3.Hot girls
Friend: "Dammn look at those fine looking honeys over there!"
You: "yeah mon"
Friend: "shhyyyt"
by AdgeT April 15, 2007
a nickname for a beautiful girl who has just about everything
"whos that cutie over there" -ben
"oh thats my honey Amanda, isnt she beautiful" -dan
by danhen March 18, 2007
A girl who has everything - good looks, personality and brains.
"Honey's so fine, she's so mine"
by yehon009 July 10, 2008
What you say to your wife/girlfriend when you forget their name.
Female: Hey John?

Male: Yea uhhhhh... honey?
by Jtan17 June 08, 2011
an attractive, sexy or fine girl.
"yo look at that fine HONEY over there!"
by ciandra June 25, 2007