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A heart boner.

The feeling you get when you see someone across the room and your heart just explodes. You just want to give them your love.
1) Matthew lush created the word honer.

2) "You see that girl over there, she's giving me a honer."

3) Go subscribe to Matthew Lush on YouTube, because he will give you a honer.
by larrysexslave February 02, 2015
Made up by Mtthew Lush, this word means: heart boner. A homer is when you are talking to someone or you see someone, and you gat butterflies & you feel an overwhelming feeling of love. Like a boner, but not as sexual.
When I was talking to him/her earlier, I got a honer because we were getting all lovey dovey.
by Butterfliesinlove February 02, 2015
A half boner. A little more than fluffy but less than than a full out boner. You get one mainly when you see a decent girl in a bikini or your grinding at a school dance.
Girl: do i give you a boner
Guy: nah just a honer
Girl: so im like a 6
Guy: damn your psychic

Girl: i can tell by the size of your honer
by #swagman September 19, 2014
A slang, somewhat derogatory, word for a Japanese person. Derived from the Japanese word for a Japanese person: Nihonjin. The least offensive of all the racist terms for a Japanese person.
I don't feel like going to the Japanese place and hanging out with a bunch of Honers all night.
by Shanji June 26, 2007
someone who is suspected of practising (or honing)their repetoire in front of the mirror at home, paramount to auto-erotocism
what a fucking honer
by kava July 17, 2003
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