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To invade somebody's personal space, property, or agenda.
i.e. girlfriend.
Dude, he's so honing in on your girl.

I can tell by how he talks, he's trying to hone in on my girl.
by big mac65 July 17, 2006
7 11
To improve or perfect, usually regarding a skill.
My keyboarding abilities were honed in that online computer game.
by Confident Lefty February 19, 2006
32 9
special people; Used in any context
by oxPeaceloveHonexo July 07, 2011
15 6
abbreviation for honestly/honest
"he is so marv hone"
by creasemister1234 December 29, 2011
5 3
A hot or incredibly attractive person. Used primarily on Australian streets to alert friends of a sexy passerby.
Dayum Africa, that bitch be a hone.
by LuluLottie15 February 20, 2014
1 0
Capetonian (Derived from Cape Town, South Africa) slang for an item/person or place that smells horrible
I just walked by that beggar and he hones.

Hey bro, I dropped a deuce, stay away because it hones.
by davedavem January 24, 2012
1 1
1. being amazingly awesome at something, so much so that you absolutely woop-ass at it.
2. can also be used to say that you owned somebody at a particular activity.
1. i will hone that physics test
2. he totally honed you!
by b-g-g. September 15, 2009
5 7
n. hone honing honed honeable

1. The act of sex or sexual intercorse. 2. A tool with a rotating abrasive tip for enlarging holes to precise dimensions.
1. He will hone some random girls this weekend.
2. Do you think they are going to hone?
3. She is honeable.
by C Sheen July 05, 2005
18 20