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Term used by a Toronto school board trustee to refer to the heterophobia of the LGBT community and its members perverse behavior at the Toronto gay parade. Not to be confused with regular LGBT people who otherwise don't cram their sexuality down people's throats. The trustee was attacked by extremists on Twitter who labelled him as a homophobe despite his support for gay rights.

Contrary to the assertions of anti-religious bigots and some gay extremists, heterophobia is a real thing just like homophobia and biphobia. Anyone who has a dislike of straight people is exhibiting heterophobia.
Homosexism is actually the correct term for homophobia as "homophobia" is not a psychiatric condition or a phobia but rather a general dislike of gays. Homophobia would actually be a literal fear of gays and is probably non-existent asides from a few rare cases. Real homophobes would avoid anyone who is gay out of fear.
by dsidf1 February 17, 2014
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Discrimination or prejudice against straight men or women by Gay, Lesbian,Transgender or Bisexual people.
homosexism is the subtle yet open discrimination or unfriendly comments made towards or about members of the straight community. They may seem harmless when made but can and do still have a negative effect on the people they are made about such as referring to straight people or couples in a derogatory ways like calling them "breeders" or making comments referring to having children as being gross etc.
by Dave1234567891011121 November 28, 2013

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