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Not a typo of "homophobe" or "homosexual" if that's what you're thinking.
by Tilde August 11, 2003

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(n.) Supposedly a corruption of "Homophobe", but God only knows what Elroy was talking about.
I am not a homophoipce or what ever it was. If i was a homo why would i go out with the hottest nices Funny smarts girl in the hole world?
by Stan Tuna July 25, 2003
A noun used to describe one who likes cylindrical objects inserted into their anus.
Bagel Fuzzynuts was able to take Arashi's four inches like only a real homophoipce would.
by Beatdrop September 27, 2003
A word made my a member of the OCR forums, formerly Kenshin Hemura, but now properly known as The Berserk Fury. It is a corruption of the word "homophobe", but clearly a mispelling of the word, but the intended meaning was a butchering of the two concepts: "Homophobe" and "Homosexual". It is only certain by the creator of such term.
Since it is for sillyness or playing around an example would be:

"I hate you fucking It4lians!!!1!1!!!" and the response would be "Homophoipce"
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
Kenshin knows (God, I hope so, anyway...).
Least you aren't a homophoipce. Or Elroy.
by RabidTurtle July 23, 2003
Something some dumbass said this one time. It was funnny. I added the extra 'n' because it was that damned funnny.
by Bagel Fuzzynuts August 28, 2003
A word that is commonly used only in the OCR forums, most likely intended to mean "homophobic."

"Homophoipce", possibly originated from the word "homophobic"; "homo-" being short for "homosexual", or one attracted to their own sex; and "-phobic" being the adjetive/suffix form of the word "phobia", either a greek or latin word for "fear of", as in "arachnophobia"; or fear of spiders.
"You are a homophoipce."
by Corporal Eschebone August 15, 2003