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A layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned across the stereo spectrum to create an extremely full and epic sound. This is referred to as a waveform, because it usually only occupies the processing power of one oscillator on a synthesizer, assuming the synthesizer is capable of accomplishing this. This allows for multiple supersaw oscillators to be combined to create a tremendous sound.
Supersaw lead synth in Dumonde's "Never Look Back."
by Beatdrop September 16, 2005
–noun (see-kik)
1. A .wav sample of a kick drum that was included with every iteration of FruityLoops/FL Studio up to a recent version as the default kick drum that would load when the program was opened.
2. One of the most over-used samples by amatuer Internet musicians ever period.
3. A generic horrible sounding kick drum.

4. To be assaulted by nubile "FL shits."

1. "Dude, I'm getting so sick of FL opening with a C_Kick loaded."
2. "This reeks of C_Kick."
3. "All of your drums sound like C_Kick. Get some new samples, noob."
4. "I was on TraxInSpace and some idiot kept C_Kicking his crap at me. Horrible."
by Beatdrop February 19, 2008
A radio show out of Maine on which remixers of video game music and fans unite.
Beatdrop was on Super Radio X tonight.
by Beatdrop January 05, 2003
A noun used to describe one who likes cylindrical objects inserted into their anus.
Bagel Fuzzynuts was able to take Arashi's four inches like only a real homophoipce would.
by Beatdrop September 27, 2003

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