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1. The paradoxical state of being both a homosexual (homo) and a motherfucker (mofo). One who is both latently gay and depraved enough to have sex with his own mother.

2. A devoted male fan of rock group Good Charlotte.
"What a homofo!"

"I can't believe Dan could be such a homofo!"

"You goddamn homofo."
by Setkino September 21, 2007
Jus something to add on in insulting someone. Instead of calling im/her a ho-mo or a mo-fo you put u ho-mo-fo (homosexual mother fucker)
Alfie - u homo! James - u mofo! Roger & Haz - u ho-mo-fo's!!!!
by Roger & Harry October 23, 2007
Hot Mother Fucker
Girl 1: DAMN look at Will today! hes looking fineee
Girl 2: oh yeah hes a homofo
by Will the homofo November 10, 2010
combination between homo and mofo.... used to describe those that are being complete douche bags..
person 2- what?
person 1- "UR MOM SAYS WHAT!!"
person 2- shut the FFFFFF....ront door, ur such a homofo...
by A&F model October 25, 2006
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