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1.Something that is used for parnets to keep their children out of their own pleasure. Also see Hell

2.Punishment from your teachers.

3.What we Asian study after school to make us more smarter.
If you don't do your homework you will end up dropping high school and getting cheap jobs.
by ghosthost April 11, 2005
what a lot kids seem to feed their dogs.
Teacher-where's your homework timmy?

timmy-spot ate it.
by bloodyhell September 01, 2007
Work assigned at school to be done at home
Now class, for tonight's homework, I want you to do page 140, #1-10.
by teh5abiking December 14, 2010
A simple & effective torture device used by teachers & the administration to whip students into submission. Even after 7 hours at school slaving away in classes, memorizing information that will either be forgotten or absolutly no use in future life, this is handed out, making the impressionable young minds of the worlds' youth into conformed, robotic machines. Most teachers, adults, & government officals would have you believe that it is all nessesary for character-building and intelegence, but it is actually a cruel and unusual punishment.
"Psst, Anthony... Do you have any idea what Mr. Phillips was blabbering on about in math yesterday?... I think we needed it for the homework."
"Erm... no?"
"You think? I'm gonna have to get Noah to explain it to me at lunch... about 10 minutes before class."
"You think this will be of any use to us in our future lives."
*Hysterical laughter*
by Jo de Jager January 07, 2007
What you tell your mum your going to do when you go round your friends house.
"I'm going round Annas to do my homework Mum!" -Laughs Evily-
by Helen August 29, 2003
that which i do not do.
Bob: Hey, did you do your homework last night?

Me: No, homeworks for chumps. I do more meaningful things with my time.
by soxxfan9824 April 03, 2008
Homework (n.): Work that teachers make students do in order to keep their grade up while invading those student's lives but not keeping school separate, and therefore makes focusing harder for students in school.
Rob, may I cheat using your homework?
by Aaron July 05, 2003