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the best band ever..they are so fucking amazing..if you don't like them then you got a problem!
billy talent rocks my socks!
by spongebob February 21, 2004
A form of cruel and unusual punishment created by teachers to keep us away from watching good quality TV shows like Spongebob Squarepants and playing our awsome gameing systems
Did you do your homework children?
by Spongebob January 16, 2003
A word either invented by or popularized by the TV show, The OC.
It means to publically insult or demean someone even if it's unintentional, especially when they're around someone they're trying to impress.
similar to cramp your style

perhaps derived from "sult," as in "insult my game."
"Dude, when you said that he was late for his curfew, you totally salted his game."
by Spongebob February 10, 2005
Used in online forums. Shorthand for "In before the lock." When material is posted that is frowned upon by the moderators of the forum, they may lock the thread. Some people think it's "kewl" to get in a few words before the thread is locked.
D00d, this racist ish is gonna get l0xored!

by Spongebob June 11, 2004
(Dutch) slang for not cool, stupid, lame etc.
I like him, but his girfriend izno.
by SpongeBob December 13, 2004
1. Friend of spongebob
2. A nerdy organic chemistry teacher's assistant.
3. Author of "In case of an emergency, you may use a watering can as a lotation device."
4. A young, skilled pediatric ophthalmologist.
Man, that dude is such an ersalan, i ought to make him do my orgo problem set.
by spongebob October 27, 2004
misspelled version of whore
that bitch is a fucking horr.
by spongebob February 28, 2003

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