Although homework is generally thought to be negative by the large part of the student population, it actually does have benefits. The main thing that makes teachers go wrong with it is by over doing it. The reason for homework is to refresh and sustain the things that you learned in class. Reasonable for math: worksheet with 15-25 problems depending on level of difficulty. What teachers actually assign: 50 math problems that take an average of 4 minutes to calculate. If we had reasonable assignments, which we sometimes do, homework would not have the extreme negative connotations that it does.
In a perfect world:
Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read a chapter, and write a four sentence summary.
Kids: Ok! That should take about twenty minutes! Yay!

Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read five chapters, and give me a page on the representation of disestablishmentarianism in the novel.

by avadakedavra January 12, 2011
A method of torture that originated in the Middle Ages given to kids, teenagers, and college students to prevent them from having fun.
"My stupid, asshole teacher gave me a shitload of homework."
by Muhhrtallicaz December 09, 2007
A piece of work, given by school so as to be done after school. Usually collected for credit, and has a due date. Sometimes can be done online. It has no plural.
Teacher: Questions from 1 to 105 in the MATHEMATICS book is for homework. Its is due tomorrow.

Student: Odd or Even numbers.

Teacher: All, and will be collected tomorrow before the quiz.
A form of cruel and unusual punishment created by teachers to keep us away from watching good quality TV shows like Spongebob Squarepants and playing our awsome gameing systems
Did you do your homework children?
by Spongebob January 16, 2003
the stuff teachers give kids to torture them and take away from important after school things like sports, sleeping, TV, and friends
Jack: Dude, you look totally wiped out. Where were you yesterday?
Alex: Mr. O gave out a 10 page history paper for homework, so I couldn't go to the movies
Jack: Why would he do that?
Alex: Teachers have no soul
by password January 21, 2008
What I'm supposed to be doing right now.
Biology Homework Citations
by freakfrog14 September 29, 2008
The product of a teacher's belief that what you do for them is all that matters.
Do your homework before you watch TV.
by Gryff March 08, 2004
A writing device given to students by teachers, due to that fact that teachers don't want to be responsible for having to watch you do all the work. If these "teachers" (Which are actually sub-standard bastards hired by the government so people don't get "too" smart) give all classwork, then the fault falls on them if we don't do it. Summary: Teachers are lazy fuckers.
Teacher: "Kids, because I don't want to have to teach you shit, and because I can legally make you research mountains of work... you get to do ten homework pages tonight."
by Alex Haskins December 19, 2006

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