What you tell your mum your going to do when you go round your friends house.
"I'm going round Annas to do my homework Mum!" -Laughs Evily-
by Helen August 29, 2003
work that teachers give so that you cant be fucking your bedbuddy, because your parents will ground you during the weekend
do you want to fuck in my car on saturday

no i cant im grounded for getting an f on my english homework
by tnemyole September 02, 2012
The bastard son of your teacher's self-important mindset and sadistic desire to cause every pupil's life to be as hollow and empty as theirs.
I make $10 an hour, generally work harder than an office worker, no one thinks my bullshit opinions are important, and I love insuring that students don't spend their youth enjoying free time like I should have, is there possibly a way to channel all these emotions and frustrations? INDEED! -Teacher assigning homework
by Retarded straight-A student October 24, 2010
something that slowly kills you from the inside out. Homework causes stress in the youth stress makes you prone to illness which will cause a child to miss school and get more homework that will bring on more stress and so on intill that child gets depression and dies.
"you look dead today"
"yea i did my homework"


"you look depressed today"
"yea i had tons of homework"
by Kavie_475 March 22, 2014
The fuckin' bullshit that you should have done yesterday night.
My shitty teacher gave me a big fat zero for not doing my homework.
by dafuq785? December 21, 2013
a assignment you normally get from school. it is very boring and many students dont want to do it but, they must push through it.
"i really dont want to get homework today"
"last nights homework was so hard"
by rosiedog1! December 11, 2013
Teachers fucking "amazing" idea of making us work so we don't forget what we learned. Yah well 99% I don't remember what we learn no matter how much fucking homework we get.
Yah like we work of 7 fucking hours but obviously thats not enough. FUCK HOMEWORK!!
by spencer hastings December 01, 2013
The satanic torture device originally designed during the 1200's as a method of breaking down a person's mind and removing all sleep from their life to induce stress and insanity, now a perfectly acceptable tool to help 'enforce' material that students have already learned 15 times over again or to do the job of a teacher that was too lazy to do during the 7 hours given, or given over breaks because 180 days isn't enough to teach material. It is what you should be doing right now, only you were to pissed by your overload of zombifying material so you came to read definitions on Urban Dictionary that potentially share your pain. Homework also has the accolade of being ranked #2 in the worldwide list of ridiculously inhumane punishments seemingly accepted by modern society right after impalement by electrified molten spiders.
I forgot to teach my students thermonuclear astrophysics during class, let's make them learn it tonight for homework and have a quiz tomorrow.
by Blocksystem November 30, 2013

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