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The smartest kid in the class who always does there homework, but says they didn't do it on every occasion that you ask.
Me: Hey did you do your biology??

Homework Whore: Uhhh nooo i didnt do it either.

Me: Bull shit you have like a 99%. You are the biggest homework WHORE.
by xavion November 07, 2010
People who talk to you over AIM soley for the purpose of homework help(answers)
Homework Whore: Hey
Me: Sup
Homework Whore: Nm, you?
Me: nm
Homework Whore: Did you do spanish yet?
by Want To Kill Homework Whores October 09, 2006
A teacher who loves to give homework, and will abuse all her teaching powers to do so.
--Example 1--
Teacher: I don't give out a lot of homework. So when I do, I expect you to do it!
(after class) Students: LIAR! She's such a homework whore.

--Ex 2--
Teacher: This is all due by Friday. I know it seems like a lot, but it's not. These 60 questions are the only homework that I'm giving for the next few days!
Students: Uh, does he know that we have other classes with homework, too? God, he should stop being such a homework whore. Get a life!
by xTruthxBringerx November 20, 2008
One who will only chat or text you when they need to know what the homework is or need help on it.
Sara: Heeey, was up?!?!
John: Omg we havnt talked in ages, how r u?
Sara: Im good... ;)
John: awesome!
Sara: ...so do u kno wat the english hw is?
John: homework whore!
by ***sup??*** February 28, 2011
someone you use to think for you, even if the work is so easy any ass-hat can do it
crzygosu87: or just like ONLY the highlighted?
oOTonyBaloneyOo: eveyrthing
oOTonyBaloneyOo: highlited
crzygosu87: lets say like...
crzygosu87: el/la agente wusnt highlighted
crzygosu87: then she wouldnt ask about that?
oOTonyBaloneyOo: i gues not
crzygosu87: o ok..
oOTonyBaloneyOo: ...
oOTonyBaloneyOo: ur weird
crzygosu87: you onyl studied da highlighted parts?
oOTonyBaloneyOo: yes johny
oOTonyBaloneyOo: he asked the same question 3 times in different ways
YoungTheOld1: hahahahahahh
by Young'un September 14, 2004
Someone that will do someone else's homework for food or money.
Dang! She is such a homework-whore! she did all my math homework for just a twinkie!
by Hunter Rob March 28, 2008