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One of your tight friends, plural is either Homeslyce or Homesleeces.
What up, my homeslice?
by Doctor Drevius March 24, 2004
61 60
The person who shares ones home, bed and heart; A conjugal partner.

My homeslice, Pat and I don't need a ceremony to know we're committed to each other.
by Fourth Dwarf December 07, 2008
13 15
A very good friend of yours. A slice of your home, refereing to the old english times where they use to rent out parts of there homes for a chicken or something.
Hey Vinoth my Homeslice, whats hanging?

Give me a slice of your home homeslice.
by GangstaHomie June 07, 2006
20 23
1) a term used to describe everyone
2) a term used indicating what kind of potatoes you had for breakfast
3)a word used to imply relations with a celebrity
4) offered as a drug although it does not exist
"dude you want some homeslice?"

"yea bro hook a brutha up"

"sucks for you cus it doesnt exist"
by slipknotmaGGot April 28, 2009
7 11
a word used to describe a best friend from home, or 'a brother/sister from another mother - originates from canada.
Natalie your like totally my homeslice :)
by mblockgirls February 18, 2009
4 9
A slice of one's home.
"Hey my home's running kind of low on space"
"Here, just borrow a homeslice"
by Casey Patton January 11, 2008
12 17
1. Word white people (such as myself) use in place of nigga. In order not to avoid confrontation from crowds of black males wanting to kill whitey. Instead of "What up nigga?" we say "What is up homeslice."
2. White folk talk for nigga.
"Oh I say my homeslice, what is up?"
by D. Schwal April 30, 2005
44 49