(n.) When a host and/or resident is entitled to special privileges; this includes the ability to tastefully sieze or reclaim an item (i.e. last beer) or seat based on ownership of the space being occupied.
"Aw, nahh dude, you took my seat.."

"Sorry bro, Homefield Advantage."
by Alan Haun April 02, 2008
Top Definition
To have an advantage in a sporting event with your home fans, city, state, etc. Visiting teams have a higher chance of losing because the home team has more support of winning.
The osu buckeyes choked in the BCS National Championship. Some say it was because the lsu tigers had a home-field advantage.
by rhizzle March 12, 2008
Taking a dump in your own bathroom.
Buddy #1 : Take me home I gotta take a deuce.

Buddy #2 : Dude just take shit at my house.

Buddy #1 : Come on bro, You know I need the home field advantage.
by the rude linguist April 01, 2010
In multiplayer online FPS games such as Modern Warfare 3 when your connection seems to be faster than that of your opponents, allowing you more time to line up a shot and fire.
"Dude, its taking forever for these guys to shoot back at me. We are mowing them down. We definitely have homefield advantage on this one."
by KingAir35 February 26, 2012
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