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A ladies' man. (nice light tan). Is also known for a smooth gangsta style.

-also check out the definition for chacko
Look at Homan, he's so pimpin' the chacko!
by Homan Fazli April 12, 2004
location where parents live.
go homen and make sure your moma be nice
by DJ honeymoon January 23, 2009
A trans-gender person. It doesn't matter if it's guy to girl, or girl to guy.
Woah! we must have taken a turn onto sunset boulevard! Look at all these homans!
by Tacobandito March 09, 2007
headless woman (manequins)
that homan's dress is hot as
by bsjp November 15, 2007
Spoiled kids who get everything they need from their parents.
Rich muthafucka who cant share shit with his buddies because he is too cocky
by thenewkid March 09, 2003
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