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whoever wrote this is such a faggot and has never seen a black person up close
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congregation of blacks in one building, so they can "act a muck"

wow, that wutang concert is mad holy trinity
by - July 06, 2003
1 39
Slang for the combination of blood, semen, and feces. Usually occurring after anal sex (straight or gay).
Don't sit on that futon, man. It's covered in Holy Trinity.
by Sapid Paean January 14, 2009
77 45
A threesome between a man, a woman, and a shemale.
Girl-Michael assumed that Tobias and Lindsay just wanted a Holy Trinity.
by bejeezuss August 04, 2008
51 42
The divine act of simultaneously penetrating all three orifices of a female companion, i.e. cock in vadge, finger up arse and tongue in mouth.
I gave Helen the holy trinity the other day.
by EddsBlog November 25, 2007
49 47
Having oral, vaginal and anal sex in a single sexual encounter
My boyfriend was so nice to me last night that I gave him the Holy Trinity.
by I'm a Believer July 08, 2013
3 5
A threesome involving two females and one male. See Antonym: Devil's Threesome
Archie thought to himself: "Why not have my cake and eat it too? I'm fucking Betty and Veronica simultaneously! The Holy Trinity will ensure no one can get jealous! Suck it, Jughead."
by JizzBoyFaggotBeagle July 05, 2013
1 4
It basically states that God is three co-equal persons, The Father (The Creator), the Son (The Redeemer) and the Holy Spirit (The Sanctifier). Ultimately, the trinity is a mystery beyond human comprehension.
Why is the trinity a mystery beyond human comprehension when it is man-made?
by Tredmond June 24, 2005
48 52
A threesome (any type) involving a priest.
We went in for our Pre-Canae class and ended up in a holy trinity with the priest.
by zippy4109 September 14, 2010
6 11