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A derogatory term for a female (or a female's vagina) who has had an abundance of sex.
She pulled off her pants & I was staring into a holland tunnel.
by BriGuy27 August 13, 2007
When two people lay opposite of each other, sharing a blanket. One person farts and it travels to the opposite end towards the other person.
My girlfriend got up off the couch. She was mad I Holland Tunneled her. I farted under the blanket we were sharing and the smell came out her end.
by Gandeer February 17, 2015
A dance moved performed by a smaller person from New Jersey in which the Jerseyian runs through the legs of an unsuspecting individual on the dance floor, yelling "Holland Tunnel!"
I holland tunneled my sister like twenty-one times at her wedding. I would just pop out from her dress.
by themoonies July 31, 2013
a giant sewage tunnel that leads to new jersey
new yorkers send all theyre trash through the holland tunnel
by brave knight May 09, 2010
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