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to call or catch up with.
yo you going to the cub? "yea"
aight then holla at ya boy when you get there.
by gee money September 06, 2003
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Bringing people to the realization that you're the shit and not to be fucked with.
Guy: " Nick, yer the biggest asshole, what a dick you are, fuck you man."

Nick: "yea mother fucker, holla at ya boy!"
by NyNiCk June 21, 2004
Farewell; I'll see you later
Mike: I'm going to go eat some twix eh!!!

Response: Holla at ya' boy
by Gregg January 16, 2004
big up your self
(address somone)
me:holla at ya boy
bob:yes, holla at ya boy to.
by no, whats your name September 07, 2003

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