To possess drugs that yo' want to sell.
"Know anyone 'holding' tonight?"
by Diego August 31, 2003
Top Definition
to hold someone and never let them go
he held me close
by lsd September 10, 2003
v. to borrow, or receive money
Ayo cuzz, lemme hold a 20.
by STERZILLA October 19, 2004
How much alcohol/beer you can have before getting drunk
"Yo man i can hold 7 beers before i get drunk
by Brew king9361 September 20, 2009
It comes from a TV show. You can search "Hold住姐" on youtube. It basically means "everything is under control"
Boss: "The activity is totally a mess!"
Employee: "I can hold it"
by meimeimei January 29, 2012
v. to regard with inappropriately high esteem. Meant to conjure the image of the object's testicles being cradled by the subject, casting homoerotic aspersions on the latter.
Man dude, you really hold Tony Romo.
by bigstig January 09, 2008
The act of Hehing out loud

i heh'd out loud.

i hol'd
by Brandon Fasho June 19, 2008
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