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(adj.) Something that is viewed with suspicion and/or cornyness, (i.e. a hokey sales pitch)
That was one hokey-ass movie we just saw.
by Patrick January 27, 2004
something that is bad or uncomfortable. usually a place.
stupid hokey australia
by fox220 December 18, 2003
A hokey is another name for a VERY VERY loose vagina. It is derived from doing the Hokey-Pokey where you "put your left leg in, and you shake it all about" ... etc. If you can put your leg in and shake it all about in a girls vagina, then it is a hokey.
Me: man this girl i got with last night had a major hokey

friend: oh yah what do you mean?

Me: i put my whole self in and i shook it all about.
by kfreezy July 17, 2006

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