The number of hos you can fit into your car.
Then I drank about a hojillion Dr. Peppers.
by Brad February 09, 2004
Top Definition
An uncountably large quantity. Derived from the Greek word "hojo", meaning "apple on a stick."
Bill Gates made a hojillion dollars in the past minute.
by Migrant Programmer March 30, 2004
A number so large, it does not bear quantifying. Usually used as an amount, or number of times.
Man, I heard eminem like, a hojillion times today, and he needs to die in the face.
by Knifoon January 15, 2003
n. A great many; millions.
I am learning hojillions of new words from this book.
by The Grammar Nazi July 17, 2002
HOJILLION (n): amount of money necessary for sex with erotic professionals, non-stop, for an average human lifespan.

From "wildwood (153376)" on Slashdot
My plans for world domination unfortunately require about a hojillion dollars.
by random-adam December 19, 2006
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