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1. a pinch of tobacco (aka a lip)
2. a tin of tobacco
Dude, I was just takin a hoger in my car and the sickest Red Hot Chili Peppers shuffle came on.

Q. Dude, what kind of hogercan do you got?
A. Wintergrizz
by Hubert J. Roller January 04, 2010
A derogatory term used to refer to African Americans, smililar to the N word. A hoger is half horse (ho-), half tiger (-ger). horse makes the noise nheyyy and the tiger makes the noise gerrrr. Put the two sounds together and get the definition of a hoger.
Jamal and Shaniqua are hogers.
by Laur Berk August 14, 2005
A really ugly hockey player that looks like an ogre. An annoying, cocky person.
Man Trevor Seeget is such a hoger.
Hey Hoger!
by Will November 04, 2004
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