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A beautiful great girl who makes everyone happy. They tend to be very smart and funny. Everyone likes girls with this name, because they are such good friends.
I want a girlfriend called Beatriz!
by Overhead April 26, 2009
an extremly talented and beautifull woman, usually very classy and polished
a: i have an icredible girl friend i'd like you to meet.

b: what's her name?

a: beatriz.

b: ahh a beautiful name to fit an incredible person.
by destinedGREATNESs January 11, 2010
a beautiful girl who makes EVERYONE smile , has the tendency of helping out others. She is spoiled and likes to show off. Has a big butt and likes to shake it.
Jake: damn that look at the way beatriz moves .
robert: yeah damn ill tap that .
by bebebebebebe8765 July 23, 2011
Beatriz is a smart, affectionate, fun loving, gentle very caring girl. She can make you laugh during the hardest times. She can make you smile without even trying. And make your heart melt with every word. She can stay on the phone for hours on end without ever getting boring. Nobody in this world compares to Beatriz:)
I want a girlfriend like Beatriz!
by spcmarshall23 March 25, 2012
A very pretty girl with big boobs likes to laugh a lot and smile very nice caring friendly she's not a jealous type loyal and faithful she's an amazing friend
Beatriz boobs
by Carlos12 March 08, 2015
(verb) When your homie is going to make a move and you attack the prey before they do.

(adjective) When your homie cockblocks you.
I totally beatriz'd Gary's relationship with that chick!
by Casey69696969999 November 17, 2011
Someone with a really thick annoying accent, like a mouth full of rubber
I can't stand beatriz's accent dude
by gmanthe April 08, 2010
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